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Control Security Caracas, C.A

Address: Ave. 1 Cruce con 1ra Tranversal, Urb. Montecristo # 25.03, PB. Caracas Distrito Capital 1071 Venezuela
Phone: +58-212-235.37.77/30.36
Fax: +58-212-235.16.23
Mobile: +58-414-237.13.95

Control Security Valencia, C.A.

Address: Ave. Michelena, Zona Ind. Carabobo, C.C. Mycra Local #33 Valencia Carabobo 2003 Venezuela
Phone: +58-241-832.61.31
Mobile: +58-414-437.64.81

Control Security Maracaibo, C.A.

Address: Ave. 15 las delicias Norte con Clle 55-A, C.C. Ciudad Trinidad, PB Local ND-LO2 Maracaibo Zulia 4005 Venezuela
Phone: +58-261-743.58.34
Mobile: +58-414-644.23.13

Control Security Puerto La Cruz, C.A.

Address: C.C. Cristóforo Colombo PB, Local #46 Ave. Paseo Colón Puerto la Cruz Anzoátegui 6023 Venezuela
Phone: +58-281-265.38.66
Fax: +58-414-809.90.29
Mobile: +58-414-237.13.95

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